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Public Documents from the project

Deliverable 1.1 Definition of combined system cases 

Deliverable 1.2 Stakeholder forum report - intermediate 

Deliverable 1.3 Stakeholder forum report -Final issue 


Deliverable 2.1 Report on anaerobic system design 

Deliverable 2.2 Report on constructed wetlands systems design

Deliverable 2.3 Report on low cost disinfection method design

Deliverable D2.4 Report on installation and checking test of AD-CW configuration

Deliverable D2.5 Report on installation and checking test of low cost disinfection systems


Deliverable 3.1 Report on adjustment and starting of AD-CW configurations 

Deliverable 3.2 Report on start-up of AD-CW configuration operation

 Deliverable 3.3 Report on steady-state of AD-CW configuration operation

 Deliverable 3.4 Report on AD-CW configurations concept and feasibility


 Deliverable 4.1 Report on AD-CWsystem operation at organic and hydraulic overload 

 Deliverable 4.2 Report on depth and oxygen concentration effect on CW operation

Deliverable 4.3 Report on GHG and metal monitoring and effect on CW operation

Deliverable 4.4 Guidelines on AD-CW configuration operation


 Deliverable 5.1 Report on low cost filtration and lagooning method operation 

 Deliverable 5.2 Report on solar disinfection method operation

 Deliverable 5.3 Report on low-cost, sustainable pathogen monitoring technique: integration and validation

 Deliverable 5.4 Guidelines on operation of low cost disinfection systems


Deliverable D6.1 Report on economic, social and environmental indicators: weighted conjunction and decision tables 

 Deliverable 6.2 Report on implementation and calibration of DSS (Decision Support System)

Deliverable 6.3 Report on findings and conclusions of integral configuration

Deliverable 6.4 Guidelines on DSS use and operation


 Deliverable 7.1 Project Website

Deliverable 7.3 Best practice design and application procedures – Intermediate issue

 Deliverable 7.5 Guidelines on design and application procedures for decentralised pilot plant to water management

Deliverable 7.6 SWINGS workshops



Newsletter and Leaflets

SWINGS Leaflet February 2016 

SWINGS_Leaflet_November 2014

IWA Newslettter Wetlands  systems Nov2013

SWINGS DHI Newsletter February 2013 



Contributions to congress, workshops, seminars

IWA - ISWATS part II, Pune, India April 2016 

IWA - ISWATS part I, Pune, India April2016

IWA - 14th World Congress on Anaerobic Digestion November 2015

WETPOL, York September 2015

IWA_14th International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control (ICWS), Shanghai, China Oct 2014 

IWA - World Water Congress & Exhibition, Lisbon Sep2014

IFAT 2014, Munich May-June2014 

Bank Filtration Indian-German Workshop, Dresden April2014 

WETPOL, Nantes Oct2013

World Water Week, Stockholm Sep2013




Funding Organisations

Seventh Framework Programme (FP7)

 Department of Science and Technology (DST) (GoI)


On-going EU-Indian water projects

logo saraswati

Sarawasti Project 



 Eco-India Project


 logo nawatech

 Nawatech Project

 logo saphpani

Saph Pani Project


Other important links of water sector


WISE-RTD Water Knowledge Portal

  logo iwa water-wiki

 IWA WaterWiki Platform







This project has received funding from the European Union's Seventh Framework Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement N° 308502

















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